Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lesson 4: "100 Drawings"

Work continues apace in the Jane Davies' ten-week on-line class. This week our assignment was to make ten drawings using only black and white media (acrylic paint, acrylic ink, India ink, charcoal, graphite, marker, water-soluble crayon, wax crayon, pastel, etc.) We were to pay attention to variety (of line, shape, scale, value, edges, technique, etc.)


We were to pay particular attention to achieving variety within each piece. For every composition, we were to reflect on each quadrant, and ensure that each was different from the others. I think this is really valuable advice for a successful composition.

Here are my ten "explorations", all 12" x 9".  I'm learning to embrace "happy accidents".










You'll see more pattern here than in previous assignments, where it was discouraged. I enjoy pattern because I find it adds interest and variety of scale. Perhaps my experience with fibre is responsible for this familiarity with pattern.

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