Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Landscape Painting Now: from Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism

Published in 2019, this book offers a survey of 21st century landscape painting, a genre often  overlooked in current art criticism. It was edited by Todd Bradway, with an introductory essay by Barry Schwabsky.

Jonas Wood, M.V. Landscape, 2008
oil on canvas, 120 x156 inches

The work of more than 80 artists is presented, divided into six loose categories: Realism and Beyond, Post-Pop Landscapes, New Romanticism, Constructed Realities, Abstracted Topographies, and Complicated Vistas. Each category is defined and explored in a short introductory essay.

The three paintings I have chosen to post here are among my favourites. They are more figurative than much of the work in the book.

Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Bathers, 2016
mixed media oil on canvas, 35 x 35 inches

A couple of paragraphs introduces the work of each artist, both in general terms and with commentary about the specific paintings chosen to illustrate the artist's approach. Each artist has three or more paintings featured, often in full-page format. The quality of the reproduction is excellent.

Tim Eitel, Reflector, 2015
oil on canvas, 86 5/8 x 126 inches

The book ends with biographical information about all the artists. While most are American, there is a fair representation of international painters.

As I read through Landscape Painting Now, I was reminded how landscape painting can deal with contemporary issues, like social isolation, migration, and environmental devastation. 

I found the book in my local library; it's also available from Amazon.

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