Sunday, July 29, 2012

Festival des Arts, Georgeville and Fitch Bay

The Georgeville-Fitch Bay Festival des Arts presents its 10th edition this summer, from July 21 - 29. On the tour are four sites, each presenting about a dozen artists. Many of the artists are on site, and available to talk about their work.  

One of the sites is the Grange Éléphant in Georgeville. This barn was built in 1832. If you look at the side of the building, you can see small shelters meant to attract bats.

The barn is located on Chemin de l'Éléphant. I am told that it was named for the mountain which can be viewed at the end of the road.

Inside the barn is an imaginative display of work by a dozen artists. Note the empty antique frames hung at odd angles on the upper walls. 

Here are a couple of art enthusiasts enjoying the view of the barn interior from the old hayloft.

The tour is a fun way to explore this little corner of the Eastern Townships. Besides the usual painters, some of the artists and artisans work in other interesting media, including silver, wood, bookbinding, and embroidery.

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Dianne Robinson said...

lovely pics of the barn. Will check out the bat homes next year.