Wednesday, July 25, 2012

57th and 5th

Here is my latest piece, based on a photo taken this May in New York City.  I have used hand-dyed cotton to achieve some interesting colour, and there is something of a luminous effect with some of the windows. I find that urban landscapes are a great vehicle for working with strong verticals and diagonals, grids, interlocking shapes, line, and colour.

This is the original photo. I did some research with the Louis Vuitton company (can you see their logo on the building on the left?) and they kindly confirmed for me the location. The large building front and centre is Tiffany's.

I used the on-line utility PosteRazor to enlarge the photo to about 18" x 24", and then produced a line drawing from that, which helped simplify the image into shape and line.

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