Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hudson Medi-Centre Gallery

Today we hung seven intriguing photos by Richard Stanford in the art showcase at the Hudson Medi-Centre. The framed photographs appear to be straight-forward close-ups of small rural houses, but their titles hint at the stories behind the front doors, suggesting a narrative and capturing the imagination of the viewer.

Work by local artists is rotated every two months, to provide exposure for the artist and to make the waiting room more interesting for patients and for staff. Richard's work can be seen during office hours until mid-September. He will be followed by Carole Lessard, who is known for her painted portraits of cows, and then by Gail Descoeurs, whose exquisite oil paintings are well-received wherever they are shown.

If you are a Hudson area artist, and you would like to show your work at the Hudson Medi-Centre Gallery, please contact me through my website at

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