Sunday, March 9, 2014

Art souterrain 2014

Montreal is known for its underground city, but less well known is the annual art festival staged throughout 7 kilometres of this labyrinthine passageway.

Art Souterrain runs March 1 - 16 , and its theme this year is Foundations, which explores the relation of the individual, community and territory. One hundred projects are on display.

Special events are scheduled throughout the festival, including guided tours and demonstrations. Information about the artists and events is available on the website. The website also offers a downloadable audio guide to the artists and their work, as well as a ready-to-print map.

If previous years are any indication, there is a heavy bias towards conceptual art, video and installation art.  Even if this is not something you typically seek out, Art Souterrain offers an easy and fun way to sample some of the new art trends and to explore the underground city at the same time.

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Maggi said...

It sounds really interesting. I had no idea that Montreal had an underground city.