Sunday, March 2, 2014

Water Tower #4: Red Challenge

View from the High Line 

On February 28, my 12 by the dozen group unveiled the results of our latest Challenge. Each of the twelve members has produced a work in fibre measuring about 8.5 x 11 inches (or A4) and using a particular warm red.

The colour was chosen by member Linda Bilsborrow, and at right you can see the photo we took as our inspiration for the colour.

You may see the exciting and diverse results of the Challenge by visiting our blog, and you may see the products of previous colour challenges by viewing our archive.

As a starting point, I used a photo I took while walking the
High Line linear park in New York. As I chose these warm colours, I imagined the reflected glow on the buildings as the sun set over the Hudson River. I like the way the cylinders of the water towers contrast with the rectangles of the buildings. With only a line to delineate the towers,  the middle ground is linked to the background of the sky.

The piece was included in my solo show at the Kirkland Library in February. It was made within a few days of another piece very similar to it, though a little smaller, Water Tower #4, which has been donated to a SAQA traveling show.

What's next for 12 by the dozen? The deadline for the fifth challenge in this series is May 31. The colour was chosen by Michele Meredith: a rich golden yellow. You can see the inspiration photo at right. And wouldn't you know it?  I have a range of these colours already out on my cutting board.


Maggi said...

The simple line for the water towers works really well. Thanks for the link - spent far too much time browsing over there - and enjoying!

Heather Dubreuil said...

So glad that you have discovered 12 by the dozen! We certainly enjoy the synergy of the group.