Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brooklyn #5

Brooklyn #5

This 12" x 12" piece was made as a donation to the annual SAQA auction and is now on its way to Santa Fe.

I used a complementary colour scheme of yellow-green and violet hand-dyes with a few neutrals added to the mix.

You may notice the small figures in the lower right corner, which give a sense of scale to the imposing buildings.

Below is my original photo.


Vera Holmgren said...

I do like your colors and the quilt is great!

Heather Dubreuil said...

Thank you Vera. I think the multi-coloured hand-dye used for the windows helps to integrate the green and the violet. A painting teacher once advised that if your subject is pink roses surrounded by green leaves, you should add a little green to the roses and a little pink to the leaves.

Maggi said...

I too love the colours in this and the real sense of scale there.