Sunday, May 4, 2014

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

This past week I had a wonderful visit to three art museums in Washington DC: the National Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, and the Phillips Collection. Tomorrow I have tickets for the new Barnes Museum in Philadelphia.

Being selective about what I see when touring these large collections makes it more manageable for me. Usually when time is limited, I stick to my favourites of Impressionists, post-Impressionists and early 20th-century artists. And I find the audio guides help me get more out of the experience.

When faced with iconic images like these, I feel that taking photos of them is a waste of time. I would rather enjoy the superior quality of a reproduction in a book, as a postcard, or viewing on-line.

So, no, I don't have photos to share, but in the spirit of an encounter with a fine art collection, I've posted a 3-minute video by Philip Scott Johnson. It's been around for a few years, and if you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat. It always astonishes me. Enjoy!

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