Sunday, May 18, 2014

New material for Cityscapes

Recently, I attended a SAQA conference in Alexandria, Virginia. I found the architecture to be very distinctive, and hope to be able to use some of these images in my Cityscapes series.

I tried to find an elevated viewpoint, to get a different perspective on the buildings, and found a church that was open. I was able to access the upper floor and got this shot:

After the conference I visited a friend in Pennsylvania., who took me on a drive through the countryside. I liked the rooflines of this horse breeding facility near New Hope,

and these sloped roofs and staggered windows from the picturesque Newtown, PA.

The trees were just beginning to leaf out, so the foliage wasn't yet obscuring the lines of the buildings.  Some real possibilities here!

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Maggi said...

There are some wonderful shapes and angles in these photos, enough material to keep you going for a while I should think.