Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Watercolour class & blogs

I think it's a good idea for artists to stretch themselves a bit by trying out a new medium or new subject matter from time to time. Even though I have a full slate of commitments for this year, I have signed up for a beginners' watercolour class at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the first week of August.

Why there? Well...

Chatham street, Shari Blaukopf

... I'm a huge fan of Lakeshore Artist Shari Blaukopf, active member of the international group Urban Sketchers, whose watercolour sketches are posted daily to her blog. I contacted Shari about her local or regional classes, but nothing is planned until 2015.

Jocelyne Lambert

Jocelyne Lambert, who is teaching at the MMFA, is a member of the Société Canadienne de l'Aquarelle. I've seen her work on-line and I like her sense of composition.  It's important to me to take a class with someone whose work I respect. And, if I'm going to take a class in a medium new to me, I think I would feel less self-conscious in a group of people I don't know.

Roof Work, James Gurney

Interested in learning more about watercolour? James Gurney's daily blog is a treasure trove of technical information on watercolour painting. His specialty subject is dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs) but he often posts urban sketches or items of interest to artists in general.

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