Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another small Cityscape

Camden Town #3,
analogous colour scheme

Here's the latest of my small works, made as an affordable choice for my booth at the upcoming Lakeshore Artists show.

It measures 8.5" x 11", and is mounted on a 10" x 12" canvas.

I've used this image twice before, in an 18" x 24" format, first in reds and violets, and then in yellow-and-orange.

original photo,
taken from the back of the Amy Winehouse Museum

It's easy to see how I've taken the lines and shapes of the photo (its "skeleton"), removing the texture and the detail, and transformed it using my own palette of hand-dyed cottons. I often adjust the values to suit my purposes: to add more depth, to create a focal point, or to help the viewer's eye move around the composition.

What I like most about the photo is the syncopated rhythm of the windows, and I wanted to capture that in this piece. Perhaps more value contrast in the windows would have made them a more important element? Given the piece more sparkle?

Just to compare, the first two pieces made from this photo are shown below. I've used the yellow version for my current business cards, website banner and as a large banner for my booth at the Lakeshore Artists show.

Camden Town #1,
split-complementary scheme
Camden Town #2,
analogous colour scheme


Linda F said...

I love being able to compare your different colour schemes for the same picture. I find I prefer the yellow/orange version - and I think it is simply because the windows are darker than the buildings. In the other two the windows are a lighter shade, and don't stand out as well. Wonder what the blue version would look like with dark purple windows?

Heather Dubreuil said...

I also like the yellow one best, and I think you have nailed the reason for its success.

Maggi said...

It's lovely to see the piece in the different colours. Each one conveys a very different mood. The yellow one is probably the most successful for the reasons mentioned but I do like the blue version.

Anonymous said...

Also, windows look dark during the day.  We tend to never actually be conscious of that phenomenon.  Our subconscious recognizes that lighting as more "natural".  But no matter the reason, I too, love the yellow/orange one the best!