Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Something a little different

Castle Donington

I need to make some small pieces for an upcoming show, and decided to try combining my usual hand-dyes with commercial, patterned fabric. These three pieces measure 8.5" x 11", and are mounted on black, painted gallery canvas, 10" x 12", like my challenge pieces for 12 by the dozen.

original photo

First, from an image taken in England last summer, using a "Stonehenge" cotton from Northcott for texture. Some of the hand-dyes are gradations of olive or scarlet, and others started out as various intensities of scarlet, overdyed with olive to produce something murky.

Back Alley with Bicycle,
Quebec City

Secondly, a composition based on a photo I took recently in a back alley of Quebec City. "Stonehenge" fabrics were included for texture, along with the hand-dyes.

original photo

I feel that this piece is less successful, lacking unity. Perhaps I should have repeated the red and the blue elsewhere in the composition?

Open Window, Cesis #3

And last, a smaller, simplified version of a piece I have made before in a 24" x 18" format. A batik cotton was used for the face of the building.

original photo,
Lauma Cenne

It is based on a photo by Lauma Cenne, taken in Cesis, Latvia.

I think I prefer to use the hand-dyes exclusively, but it is fun to stretch a little, and introduce textured, patterned cloth along with the mottled hand-dyes. At some point I might try using patterned fabric exclusively, which would be a real challenge.


Maggi said...

The patterned fabrics certainly give your work a different look. It;'s good to challenge yourself at times. I do prefer the cleaner look of the ones that use only hand dyes though.

Heather Dubreuil said...

Me too :-)