Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Grey Unveiling

Port Clyde
Today is the Big Reveal for the 12 by the dozen group. This international collection of fibre artists sets a challenge every three months. Our first series was inspired by a word, like "Jubilation" or "Structure", and the pieces measured 12" x 12". You can see the results on the group's website.

Our second series is inspired by a colour, and the pieces measure 8.5" x 11", or A4 for our European members. We have already completed six of these challenges, with the most recent, Grey, being published today. You can follow the excitement on our blog.

This June, while traveling down the Maine Coast, I visited the tiny town of Port Clyde, best known as the ferry's departure point for Monhegan Island, established more than 100 years ago as an artists' colony. The atmospheric fog left no doubt that I had found the perfect subject for my Grey challenge. I especially love the web of overhead lines.

Port Clyde #2

I later used the same scene and imposed sunset colours on the composition.

And below is the original photo on which the two pieces were based. I would like to use the image again, in a larger format. Colours? To be determined.

original photo


Maggi said...

I love the muted palette and the movement that the wires give to the piece. The colours in the second piece are so rich.

Heather Dubreuil said...

The wires also (incidentally) give a reason to quilt the piece more densely! And I really can't decide which palette I prefer.