Sunday, November 29, 2020

Christmas cards 2020

Christmas card 2020

Every year I like to make a couple dozen Christmas postcards. I use materials I have on hand and sometimes try out a new technique, like hot-glue-fixed crystals, stencilling with metallic paint, or printing images on transparent organza.

This year I was inspired by a 12 x 12 piece I made some years ago, for a group challenge on the theme of "Jubilation".

Jubilation, 12" x 12"

I used printed and hand-dyed cottons, backed with a fusible web and cut into irregular, rectangular shapes. These were fused onto white cotton in a mosaic-like arrangement. One of the shapes was transformed into a candle with the addition of a small, green flame.

The message I've added to each card is "Find the Light. Be the Light." I hope these words will be uplifting, as all of us are dealing with what can seem like very dark days.

Scroll down to see some Christmas postcards from past years:

Christmas card 2018
metallic paint, stencilled
onto hand-dyed cotton

Christmas card 2017
fused cotton shapes, stitched with
heavy black thread

Christmas card 2016
hand-stamped letters,
image printed onto sheer organza
and stitched into place,
hand-dyed background

I send these postcards through the mail with nothing more than a stamp, and I like to think that they bring a smile to those whose paths they cross.

To learn more about editions from previous years, and their production, just enter Christmas in the search box, to the right.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Art Rental Collection 2021

Sadly, the Stewart Hall Gallery in Pointe-Claire is closed to visitors until further notice. But a great show has been hung in the beautiful space, and it can be enjoyed virtually here.

The site allows you to scroll through all the chosen works, arranged alphabetically by artist. Try to choose a favourite! More than 100 works are hung, showing a wide variety of medium, subject and style. All the works are available for rent or sale, with more than 70 artists represented.

Scroll a little further down the page to "Photo Gallery" and you can access photos of the actual show, as it is hung.  As always, the curators have done a superb job of grouping the pieces to best advantage.

The two pieces I have in the show are hung together.

This is the first year that all submissions were done online, so the selection was made on the basis of the photos submitted.