Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Reflections

Mother's Day was just a few days ago, and I was reminded of a small art quilt I once made as my contribution to a group challenge. 12 by the Dozen, a group I belonged to at the time, had chosen "Connections" as the theme for that quarter.

Knitted. Together. 2010, 12" x 12"

I thought about how knitted stitches are "connections", and how knitting has connected at least four generations of women in my family. My grandmother taught me to knit, and she and my mother made me many knitted items: sweaters, slippers, and a spectacular (now long-gone) poncho. I've taught my daughter to knit too, and she makes the most remarkable things, like baby blankets made of tiny stuffed hexagons, stitched together.

I began the piece by knitting a 14" square with big needles and string. I stretched it out onto a stiff cardboard, dabbed it with paint, and made a monoprint of the texture onto hand-dyed cotton.  This became the background for the composition. Also included was a Beehive pattern for a child's sweater, and the accompanying illustration. The little sweaters were originally printed in black and white, so I tinted them with paint. Buttons and a corded yarn edging finished the piece.

Four generations, knitted together. And lots of tiny baby sweaters, lovingly tucked away in tissue paper.


jane said...

I share your legacy with pride Heather, my daughter is also a 4th generation knitter.

Heather Dubreuil said...

It's a special connection, isn't it?