Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A day in the studio

Some days in the studio are not about creativity, but about taking care of business.

In a few days I will deliver twenty-seven cityscapes to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum for an exhibition. So today was set aside to...

  • go over the work with a lint roller, 
  • snip loose threads, 
  • glue down corners that had lifted,
  • touch up the black paint on the canvases, 
  • assemble cardboard boxes, and
  • pack and label boxes.

...and more to come

I was glad to have the company of an excellent audiobook for the day. Have been sampling the writing of Ian McEwan recently, and this crime novel fit the bill nicely. The narrator of the story is a 9-month-old fetus, who witnesses (in utero) his mother and uncle plotting the death of his father. Now, is there something about this storyline that evokes memories of high school English class? What if I told you the mother's name was Trudy and the uncle's name Claude?

Exactly. Nutshell is a modern take on Hamlet. (Mother Gertrude, Uncle Claudius.) I was quite pleased with myself for picking that off.  And no, I am not going to reveal how the story ends. 

Sometimes a good audiobook is just the kind of support you need to get through a day of routine tasks in the studio.

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Margaret said...

Well done! And you are so right: a great audio book or podcast can make the time fly by when tying up loose ends like this. All the best for a great show!