Sunday, December 22, 2019

Holiday Greetings

this year's Christmas postcard

This has been an especially busy month for me. I've been preoccupied with helping a senior family member move into a new home. Perhaps in another month or so I will be back on track.

Meanwhile, here is an example of the several dozen cloth postcards I have made, all slightly different. Scraps of brightly printed fabric were fused onto muslin, then backed with batting, more muslin, and stitched. Finally, they were faced with heavy paper, and secured with stitching all around the outer edge.

What I love about these fabric postcards, and I've been making them for more than ten years now, is that they go through the mail without an envelope, just a stamp. I'm sure they bring a smile along the route, and I know they are valued in their new homes.

I have also matted and framed a dozen of these "patchwork hearts" for sale at the local gallery.

May your holidays too be filled with all the warmth of the season. And thank you for your interest and support throughout the year.

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Margaret said...

Blessings to you for Christmas and a healthy, happy, creative 2020 -- a new decade! I hope you'll be in Toronto in March for MoSAiQA? Would love to see you there.