Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Art Film Festival on-line

In its 38th year, the Festival Internationale du Film sur l'Art has decided to offer its extensive programme on-line, from March 17 - 29, 2020. This is due to current global realities.

Originally, 244 films from 39 countries were scheduled for screening. FIFA is working hard to secure permission from all the filmmakers to have their films included in this now-virtual event. The plan is for the films to be available via Vimeo on demand, at a low cost of $30 for the entire duration of the festival. I believe this offer is limited to Canadian viewers only, due to licensing issues.

For more information on plans as they develop, please visit their website. The FIFA site has always been a little clunky, but I find it's worth the effort.

A complete list of films can be found here.

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Lauma C. said...

I'm so pleased to learn about this! In a lot of ways, this is more convenient, not having to miss anything due to time constraints or lack of motivation to schlepp downtown!