Sunday, December 30, 2018

Art Critique for Dummies

Well, here's a bit of humour to mark the year end. If you go to this site, and enter a random five digits, you will be rewarded with a bit of nonsensical "art-speak". Some sample results:
"It's difficult to enter into this work because of how the internal dynamic of the negative space endangers the devious simplicity of a participation in the critical dialogue of the 90s."
"Umm... the optical suggestions of the spatial relationships seems very disturbing in light of the exploration of montage elements."
 "I'm surprised that no one's mentioned yet that the metaphorical resonance of the facture makes resonant the essentially transitional quality."
Mix and match as desired....


1 comment:

Margaret said...

LOL! I've often been equally boggled by similar supposedly pithy sentences in the context of Artist's Statements. Thanks for the chuckle!