Sunday, August 18, 2013

Festival of Quilts: Horizons

Visiting the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham was a highlight of my recent trip to the U.K.  I was able to see several excellent exhibits of European art quilts, all mounted on white walls, which showed them to their best advantage. As well, the show "Horizons", mounted by the Contemporary Quilt Group, was worth a close look. Impressively, the show was not juried, and yet the standard was very high. Here are some of my favourites.

Members were asked to submit a quilt 50 cm wide and 150 cm long. They were also asked to produce a small sample, maybe 20 cm square. These were compiled into books so that viewers could handle them, getting a better sense of the construction techniques used by the artists.
Roberta Le Poidevin,
"Vanishing Point WA6014"
Mai-Britt Axelsen,
"Vazon Bay"
Jenny Rolfe,
"Sitting on the Fence"
Liz Drake,
"Soil Samples"
Terry Donaldson,
"Sussex Coast"
Sue Payne,
Maggi Birchenough,
"Because you just
never know..."

Christine Restall,
Liesbeth Williams,
Joanna O'Neill,
"Northumbrian Horizons"

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