Thursday, August 29, 2013

SAQA on-line auction begins soon!

I was delighted to have my donation to the SAQA on-line auction chosen for one of their Dream Collections, titled "Simple, Subtle, Appealing." The Dream Collections are groups of six art quilts, selected by a curator based on a theme of their own choosing. This is another way of looking at the 421 art quilts that have been donated to SAQA for its annual on-line auction.

AND I WAS THRILLED to have my piece chosen as one of Virginia Spiegel's Favourite Four. You can see for yourself by visiting the August 28 post on her blog. This is an OMG honour, as Virginia is a well-known and highly-respected art quilter, who has been on the scene for some years. Another of her four favourites is by Leni Wiener, who "coached" me at the Santa Fe conference, and whose work I so admire.

Boathouses #2
The auction begins Monday, September 9 at 2 p.m. The 12-inch square art quilts are grouped randomly into three lots, with a new lot on the auction block every Monday. Bids on Day 1 are $750, and then the price declines every day of the week until it reaches $75 on Day 6. Last year over $60,000 was raised, and it is expected that will be exceeded this year.

If you would like to see the entire selection of donations, visit the auction website. There you will see the full spectrum of subject, technique and palette in contemporary art quilting, as well as more information on placing a bid. My piece, Boathouses #2, is listed on page 1b.

Like any auction, this one can be exciting for participants. I find it fascinating to see which quilts go early, and I like to keep an eye on my friends' work, to see how their pieces fare.

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