Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas postcards 2014


Every year I make about 30 machine-stitched Christmas cards. This year, I borrowed a stencil of tree silhouettes and used it with oil paintstick on grey hand-dyed cotton. Added crystals and stitched with metallic thread. 

I then subject these little guys to the mercies of Canada Post, without benefit of an envelope. As they make their way around the world, I hope they bring a little delight to those who handle them, and those who receive them.

Wishing you a magical Christmas!

To see postcards from previous years, please scroll down and choose your favourite....

metallic paint on ice-dyed cotton, with pearls
metallic paint on hand-painted cotton, with crystals
stamped and stencilled on painted cloth,
from an original photo
hot-fix pearls; lace, ribbon, photos and buttons,
 stitched onto commercial cotton

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Maggi said...

Love the subtle colours.