Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hanging my work at home

Having participated in a record number of shows this year, I am now faced with the issue of how to store or display all this new work. I have resorted to hanging many new pieces on the walls at home. I'm quite pleased by how they work in the space, but I feel a little sheepish about the number on display. Why is that?

living room
I like grouping work together to make a bigger statement. I wonder if potential buyers ever think about how these pieces might work together as multiples.
upper hallway
upper hallway
entrance hall
guest room
guest room
I can see that it is easier to live with works with a quieter palette, like the blue-grey above.
guest room
But bright and bold has its place too.

upper hallway
When the pieces are small enough, even this mix of colour works well together.

"Walk in the Woods" series, 2008
Above are a couple from an earlier series that have graced our family room for several years, showing no effect from exposure to light. (I spray a UV protectant on all my finished work.)

Some experts in the marketing of art suggest that work be shown in a domestic or commercial setting to allow potential buyers to better visualize the piece in their own space. I will give some thought to following up on this idea.

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