Sunday, December 21, 2014

Come Sit with Me, Patrick Caulfield

Come Sit with Me, Patrick Caulfield, 16 x 16
Mid-December,  I made this piece to submit to Montreal's Beaux Arts des Ameriques gallery on rue St.-Denis. If my piece is accepted, I will post details of the upcoming show.

The call for entry, limited to the gallery's mailing list, set the theme as "Still Life: Re-worked" and required participants to pick up a 16 x 16 cradle board from the gallery, so all submissions would be identical in format.

The title? I have been told that my Cityscapes share some qualities with Patrick Caulfield's paintings. I had the good fortune to see a retrospective of this British painter at Tate Britain, summer 2013. Often his subjects were interiors and still lifes. He used a strong black line and solid, flat colour and there is a certain stillness to his work. Hence, the title.
Café Interior: Afternoon, Patrick Caulfield, 1973

I have used this image once before, in a 12 x 12 format. I enjoy working with patterned cotton when it suits the project.

To see more images of Caulfield's work, click here.

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